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Siara Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. is a state of the art manufacturing unit equipped with the latest Swiss, Japanese and German Machinery. It consists of 23,232 spindles with complete back process machinery including: Rieter Blow Room lines, Rieter Card models C60 and C70, Rieter Draw Frame Breaker & Finisher models RSB 40 & 45 and RSBD 40 & 45, Toyoda Simplex model FL16, Ring F-1520 Jingwei with SKF PK 2025 drafting system (Spindle and Bolsters Germany) and Schlafhorst Autoconer model AC 338 Gold.

In order to ensure the quality of raw material and yarn is not compromised, we have installed the latest laboratory testing machinery such as USTER HVI 1000 M700 and USTER Tester 5 from Switzerland. Alongside those, we also have BASE UNIT AFIS PRO-NC with L+M Module for the analysis of nep count, nep classification, nep size, fiber length and fiber maturity.

Siara Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. established manufacturing activities on Jan 12, 2007 and specializes in the production of 100% cotton carded yarn at a production capacity of 35 ton/day. Alongside top quality Pakistani cotton, we import and use American, Indian, Brazilian and Mexican cotton, in order to ensure our product’s quality remains consistent.

Currently, we produce carded yarn and compact yarn ranging from Ne 8/1 – 30/1 for both, weaving and knitting purposes. Siro yarn ranging from Ne 8/1 – 16/1 and CF yarn (Contamination Free) ranging from Ne 8/1 – 30/1 are also available on request.

Since its formation, Siara Textile has established its repute by producing quality products at great value for money to our clients.

We leave no stone un-turned when it comes to honoring our commitments. With any client, new or existing, our technical staff are always available for visits to ensure our product runs smoothly for you. Hence, ‘Customer satisfaction is the measure of our success’.


With a state of the art testing laboratory and a quality control focused mandate, our mission is to produce and deliver high quality yarn on a consistent basis, at no hindrance to our stakeholders.


A robust vision is necessary for success. Our long term strategy has elements of both vertical and horizontal integration in order to ensure that you benefit further from Siara’s quality and consistency.