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Contamination Removal

As a raw fibre, cotton naturally contains contaminants, as well picking up more during the harvesting and ginning processes. 

To control the level of contamination, as per our clientele’s needs, we have three stages.

This entails a manual contamination removal process. 

  • Our competent female workforce remove the larger, ‘easy to remove’ contaminants from our cotton, before being fed into the conversion process.
  • Contaminants include: Jute, Polypropylene , color cloth pieces, paper and more.
  • Three Rieter blow room lines are installed and equipped with Jossi Vision Shield Xspect with magic eye.
  • This results in a more modern and efficient process.
  • Prior to winding, every cone is taken and monitored through the Uster Quantum FD & PP channel.
  • This allows any contamination left from the first two stages to be picked up, resulting in cleaner and more consistent yarn for our consumers.