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Quality Assurance

Cotton is a form of natural fibre and as with any natural fibre, its characteristics vary bale to bale. Hence, to improve and sustain the quality of yarn produced on a consistent basis, we have a strict Quality Management System in place.

In order to ensure quality yarn production, we procure quality cotton. 

  • Prior to procurement, each lot of cotton is tested and approved by our Quality Department.
  • Upon arrival at mill, each lot is further tested by Uster’s HVI 1000 and Afis Pro and then classed and stored accordingly.
  • Our cotton blending team then undertakes proficient daily cotton selection, so as to ensure consistency throughout the year.

After fibre testing, we test the material produced from each department.

  • Our standardized quality plant ensures the testing is of a high standard.
  • Any anomalies found result in the relevant machinery being shut down, so as to understand and resolve the problem.
  • Instruments used in this stage include: Uster Tester 5, Auto Sorter -5, Lea Strength Machine, Wrapping Reel, Yarn Board and more.

Our final stage looks at the parameters of the bobbins using the Uster Quantum machine.

  • Our Quality Department feeds the acceptable parameters into the machine.
  • At the winding stage, the Uster Quantum ensures that only the bobbins that fall within the acceptable parameters are accepted.
  • Those that do not pass, are wound into B Grade production


Uster - Tester -5 UT-5 Uster
Afis Afis Pro Uster
HVI Classing HVI 1000 Uster
Cay Expert-3 Uster
Auto Sorter - V Uster
Wrapping Reel Micro Tex Lab
Wrapping Drum Micro Tex Lab
Lea Strength Machine Hely Lyon
Yarn Board Machine Micro Tex Lab
Magnifying Glass LB 500 AO Lode Star
Raw Cotton Impurity Analyser YG041 Anging Textile Machinery